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Silke Grabinger in LYLIT’s Video für die Single „Blocks“

SEXISM – each and every woman can tell a story here. ‚Blocks‘ is one of them. This is an empowerment song. WON’T HIDE, WON’T SHY, WON’T PLAY. ‚Blocks‘ is LYLIT’s first Single of her upcoming EP ‚Aurora‘.

Director: Nikolai Selikovsky DOP: Simon Selikovsky Assistant Director: Thomas Bischof Camera Assistant: Mischa Mikysek H&M: Ines Polak Styling Assistant: Veronika Arnold Dancers: Silke Grabinger, Claire Lefèvre, Desi Bonato, Marìa Casares Gonzàlez, Sabrina Zehetbauer, Marie Monier, Nica Spröte Production Coordination: Andreas Lettner