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SILK Cie. & SILK Fluegge online performance schedule

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SILK Cie. & SILK Fluegge wants to provide you with online screenings of various performances we did over the last years. In order to prepare yourself for those exclusive and limited screenings, have a look at the schedule for the upcoming performances:

SILK Fluegge – YOUNG Audience – „HALT!“ 22.03-24.03
„HALT!“ is a playful reflection on losing one’s footing and finding support, on the dark side of individuality, the loneliness of growing up and on how we (can) function in a group organism. It is also a clear and witty perspective on how we (could) deal with emotional pain. A group of young people exploring a universe of movement together, from break dance to contemporary dance. What it means to catch each other, to hold each other back and to share playful moments.

SILK Cie. & PILOTTANZT – „SLIK“ 27.03-29.03
Roderich Madl, rebel of Austrian dance and choreography, joins forces with virtuoso Silke Grabinger, who recently worked with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, to create a new breakdance vocabulary, both enticing and superhuman. They both share an interest in breaking down bodies into real and artificial ones, the result of which are conflicts of aesthetic perception and feasibility. 

SILK Fluegge – YOUNG Audience – „Antifragil“ 03.04-05.04
An urban youth dance theatre about the (anti)fragility of interhuman relations. How do we react to the uncertainties and complexity of our time? Things have no constancy in our consumerist society, they break and they are replaced again and again. Everything seems possible. What is it though, that we aspire to?

SILK Cie. – „KILS“ 10.04-12.04
Silke Grabinger rewrites her story of Marylin Monroe.
Can you approach an Icon like Marylin Monroe without the cliche to simply copy it or trying to be honest and not too much artificial? Unfulfilled expectations of the audience are already assembled. Is there are hidden depth of this commercial figure? What is the secret of this woman?

SILK Fluegge – YOUNG Audience – „Push it!“ 17.04-19.04
What is it that pushes us forward and allows us to advance? What are our wishes? What urges and desires do we have? How much of these impulses comes from ourselves and where do we run after heteronomous trends? Using contemporary and urban movement material, the dancers explore the push-and-pull of daily routine, one’s own impuls, the manipulation of the other and being pushed.

SILK Cie. – „Moving Architecture“ (Austrian Cultural Forum New York Version) 24.04-26.04
The piece, which was commissioned by the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Klangforum Wien to commemorate its 10-year anniversary, traces the building’s architecture in 22 layers with the architecture’s original proportions referenced in time-structures. In a choreographic layer, Austrian performance artist Silke Grabinger transposed the underlying rhythmic structures to movement patterns, for which she developed a new form of „dance-writing“, which Lang integrated directly into the score.

SILK Fluegge – YOUNG Audience – „Rescue“ 01.05-03.05
Performance on the (im)possibility of rescue. “Rescue” opens questions concerning the possibility of being rescued. In how far can I be rescued? When do I have to rescue myself? Can I rescue someone else? Choreographer Silke Grabinger uses personal stories and impressive images to tell everyday life with characters we all know. We know them from school, from our families, from the streets… Rescue is a reflective piece full of situations that – like in reality – arise, disappear, change and touch again and again the same point of departure. But where is this story going and what does it have to do with the spectator?

SILK Cie. – „SILK & Soshana: I am OK“ 08.05-10.05
SILK & SOSHANA: I am OK is a 30 min Performance piece relying on the work of the female jewish-austrian Painter SOSHANA. The different parts of the series of small works was presented at Hamakon, Nestroyhof Vienna in the frame of the exhibition SOSHANA: I AM OK. The performance was also presented in the Frame of Lange Nacht der Bühnen im Posthof Linz and at the Deutsche Villa in Strobl am Wolfgangsee.

SILK Fluegge – YOUNG Audience – „Disastrous“ 15.05-17.05
This performance speaks of the imagery and images of possible future narratives. The disaster and the catastrophe are the departing point of this imaginary journey. A journey of liberation in which we look towards the desired resurrection, in which we allow or desire the New and find ways to put the New in an order as an individual and as a society.

SILK Cie. – „Woven Heads“ 22.05-24.05
In the art performance “Woven Heads” the performer Silke Grabinger from Upper Austria and the Canadian dancer Emmanuelle Lê Phan deal with bodily and immaterial entanglements. After a ten-year break the renewed cooperation’s first project is “Woven Heads – Volume 1.0 SILK” which is composed from Silke Grabinger’s point of view.Woven heads and their ideas do include hair. Through it’s subjection to social norms it is also touched by domination which it can nonetheless subvert. Furthermore it is uncontrollable from inside and controllable from outside. For both artists hair played already a major role in their pieces, e. g. as a mean to cover one’s identity or to perform a symbolic negation of the ongoing information overload by shaking it.

SILK Fluegge – ART Performance – „I can’t see you anymore“ 29.05-31.05
Everyone perceives things in a different way. We know that walking in the same direction doesn’t mean necessarily that our paths will cross, but we know that they will meet sooner or later anyway. We are in a constant process of receiving information and we try to make connections in our own will. Our sub consciousness decides what is important and what is not in a split of a second. Some things will still stay unperceivable for us. Do we pay enough attention to what surrounds us? Maybe we are blinded by the presents of someone else to concentrate on the “important” things. Sometimes we are so distracted by someone that we have the feeling we can’t see him anymore. Let’s look behind the necessary things and find the real unnecessary – that’s what we really need to see.

SILK Fluegge – ART Performance – „Mygration – beget“ 05.06-07.06
A fanned out construct of heritage of four personalities. Migration as a form of multiple affiliation and identification to live cannot be reduced on a transcultural identity problematic. Rather in a time of virtual age there is an emerging of (dis)information complex networks, which extend from the virtual into the real space and vice versa. In the performance piece MYGRATION – beget contains a corporal dispute about this topic. The body and the soul which remains in all its existence in generations and which influences, departs and digests into the identities of persons and which fills itself repeatedly into new forms.

SILK Fluegge – ART Performance – „Dear“ 12.06-14.06
What is it that we desire? And does the other really desire in us that which we expect? “Dear” is a piece of gestures in space. It is a piece of interrogation marks and trials. It is a search for the essence of that which attracts man. It is a contention with one’s own reality, with disillusion and the search for the unspeakable. It is a journey through desire, through its lavish, brutal and dangerously fragile moments. Characters from different generations pursue these questions for an hour on stage. They find each other, look at each other, loose each other and come to grips with their own hidden desires.

SILK Fluegge – ART Performance – „All in/on All“ 19.06-21.06
The format of the breakdance battle is well-known: two dancers meet and dance against each other. A panel of renowned dancers then decides who has performed the better. However, this format is now being adapted to battles outside of the hip hop scene. The main rule stays the same: one against one. However, there is a key difference for the SILK Fluegge „All in/on all“, the range of physical and creative expression on display.

SILK Fluegge – ART Performance – „Disaqpear“ 05.07-07.07
On disappearing in the world of the other. “Disaqpear” looks at the personal order of world. As Fernando Pessoa describes so accurately in his “Book of Disquiet”, while for one person a field could be the world, for the other person the world could be a field. We tend to repeat and recreate structures in an unreflected manner. Even in a new context and a new environment that asks for a certain degree of adaptation, we organize our world according to the same principle: an unconscious, embodied construction plan.