Art Performance

„in be tween“

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“… I will stand there with a bunch of flowers and I will wait to the point that you will shut your mouth and stop trying”

“something … something is missing … I feel like not moving my arm, my hip, my leg, my shoulder, my head. This would make me moving. I am not moving. I want to stand still. Like this I am sure that I think I know where I am … Although I still stand still listening to all this commands my head gives to my body parts. I feel like others are moving me and I am a machine. A machine that tells everyone where I was born, what is my social security number, which sexual orientation I have like all the others do too … even about my zodiac sign and everything has the same priority. The same value. All those words are a collection of codes and facts that identify me … really I am a fucking bastard. I am a fantastic person. I am a hore. I am brilliant. I am a fake … ? But one thing is for sure I want to be first in line! I want to be the one! I want to be this person who will scream it into your face that I love you … I will stand there with a bunch of flowers and I will wait that long, till the point that you will shut your mouth and stop trying and finally thank me for my ambition because I know what is right or wrong … just go with me … touch me … lift me up into the sky … I am the one. Yes, I am … and even if you want me to … I can kill her … And then after we finally role our bodies over each other and started to feel something then I will look into your eyes and I will just see what is there in me through you because you make me. You strip me down to my bones with one look. You take my clothes away and leave them with the broken flowers. You remove my flesh like a silken garment you do this so that I will be pure. You remove my organs because their ancient rhythms will disturb our moment. Now, I am entirely pure, nothing else than a skeleton which are you looking into. Just the absolute essentials, no flounces. With one spoken word you push me back into my body and I reward myself with a warm feeling of blood rush pounding in my ears. You hold me and I hold you for the infinite time of a moment and I know when we depart that finally something real happened to me.” – Silke Grabinger

Production, Choreography: Silke Grabinger | Choreographical Support: Olga Swietlicka | Production: Olga Swietlicka | Video: Magdalena Schlesinger | Performance: Ahmet Aydin, Silke Grabinger, Michaela Huvlejova, Matej Kubuš, Olga Swietlicka

Touring: Lange Nacht der Bühnen, Anerkennungspreis Salzhof Freistadt